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Fundraising in the workplace is an excellent way to create team building opportunities and boost staff morale. It increases staff engagement and encourages different departments or offices to talk to one another. Organising fundraising activities together is also motivating and fun! 

So whether you want to organise small fundraising events with a few colleagues or make us your charity of the year, unleash your creativity and combine your hidden talents. Put the fun into fundraising! 

If you are interested in supporting us or would like more information, please call us on 07845 202234 or email via the Contact Us Page

Charity of the Year

Nominating the Friends of the Friarage as your Charity of the Year is a great way to engage your employees and colleagues in fun activities and events to raise money for a great local cause.

Matched Giving

Matched giving or funding is a simple way of maximising the fundraising efforts of your employees. It means that their amazing effort is worth double to our charity.

Event Sponsor

If events and activities are not your cup of tea, alternatively you could consider making a company donation, or support us by providing a gift in kind that we can use to raffle or auction at our bigger fundraising events.