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Volunteering With Us

How can I help?

Would you like to help to run a stall, hand out leaflets, volunteer for a street collection, hold a coffee morning or organise your own sponsored event?  We are always ready to welcome enthusiastic volunteers to help with our fundraising.  The more ideas the better! 

If you can give time to help in our shop or  help us in other ways with our fundraising we would really love to hear from you.  Every single donation of either time or money all contributes to making the Friarage the welcoming, supportive and positive place that it is!  
Even if you do not have experience, you are valuable to us. We can provide the necessary training. Contact us to find out more.

Friarage Shop

The shop is staffed and managed by the Friends of the Friarage and our volunteers. The shop is open throughout the day, every day. Patients, staff and visitors can purchase from a wide range of products including newspapers, magazines, toiletries, small gifts, confectionery, snacks and drinks. The profits from the shop are entirely devoted to supporting the Friarage.

Friarage Shop




  • "Volunteering has helped my communication skills and confidence with the public. This has helped me with successful interviews."
    Lennon, Friarage Shop Volunteer
  • "I enjoy meeting all the lovely people who come to the hospital for treatment."
    Anne, Friarage Shop Volunteer
  • "I volunteer to help the Friends of the Friarage and to put a little back into this great hospital!"
    Jim, Friarage Shop Volunteer
  • "I’ve worked at the Friarage shop for over a year with many different volunteers. I enjoy the contact with people, both customers and staff. Working as a cashier and being involved with stock replenishment, I love feeling I am making the shop a success and of benefit to visitors and staff as well as in-patients."
    Steve Forrest
  • "I work here because I love people, especially in the hospital shop where you are helping patients, visitors and the staff. It makes me feel good. Sometimes on a morning I feel a little low but when I come into the shop I feel great. It gives me a lift for the rest of the day."
    Dot Boynton